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Guild Appreciation Event

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I've heard rumors Zeke is plannin' Guilds Appreciation Event sometime in July.

Just felt the team should be informed, as an FYI.

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Umm... yes, Nev... Zeke has been mentioning this to me for a some months now, I'd think.
Although I know of no details. Just some thoughts he's mentioned... or plans. Last times it
was just before our International Hood Event at April 23rd.

And he's been in touch with several people in the different Shards, too. I was for a while a
Member in his Cavern Events' Hood, but I've said I wish not to be involved in any of this
[or anything else in MOULa for that matter].

But I do admire his energy and persistance! I'm not sure what sort of Event this will end up
to be. One of Cyan, Guilds or also Shards appreciation... But I'd think some details might
be revealed at the next upcoming AGM...